Sawing and milling plants made by MFL are customised and tailored just like a tailor-made suit. Our range of performance comprises sawing and milling plants as well as special plants designed for high capacities and continuous operation. Quality and precision – that’s what reference plants made by MFL stand for all over the world.

Slab Milling Machines

These slab milling machines can mill slabs horizontally and vertically in one process.

Your advantages

• Minimal removal of chips due to 3-D laser measuring of the slab surface
• Simultaneous machining with several spindles (milling heads)
• Removal per run up to 15 mm
• Chips can be recycled up to 100 %
• Possibility to install a chip extraction system or a chip briquetting system

Slab Milling Machine


Perfect Solutions

Sawing Technology
• Single cut sawing machines for tubes, round and squared billets, profiles
• Layer sawing machines for tubes and profiles
• Sawing plants for plates and slabs (aluminium, steel)
• Sawing plants for material inspection
• Sawing machines for special applications

Sawing Technology
• Edge milling plants for plates and strips
• Milling plants for profiles
• Milling plants to produce tensile test samples
• Milling plants to machine welding seams of large-diameter pipes
• Gantry milling plants for heavy duty milling processes

Rail Technology
• Rail and axle sawing machines
• Rail sawing and drilling machines
• Rail drilling and milling machines
• Mobile and stationary rail milling plants

Layer sawing machine

Special Plants
• Ring splitting machines
• Pipe bevelling machines
• Deep hole drilling machines

• Saw blades with exchangeable carbides
• Milling tools
• Drilling and bevelling tools


More than a mere machine

Superior Performance
• Feasibility and conceptual studies ensuring optimum results
• Customised engineering at top level
• Manufacture and production in accordance with certified quality criteria
• In-house-testing resulting in optimised plants and short assembly times
• Assembly, start-up, extensive training of staff and production support
Superior Profitability
• Reduced process costs thanks to a high degree of automatisation
• Higher product quality thanks to precise machining and accurate surfaces
• Higher productivity thanks to short processing times
• Perfect interaction of all technical components
• Simple operation of plants