Carbide tipped circular saw blades
Ø from 600mm uo to 2200mm

The carbide saw blades are used for cutting off steel tubes; structural steel shapes und solid materials on heavy duty machines.
Adapted tooth shapes, high quality grinding processes, dedicated carbides and an ideal selection of material for the steel blade are state of the art.

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Also available as “concept | ds”
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Operating range
• Single cut saw machines for solid bars and Tubes
• Tube layer saw machines
• Beares, angles and sheet pilings
• Billets saw machines
• Rails cutting saw machines

cutting data recommendations
Vc: 60 – 180m/min
fz: 0,08 – 0,16mm/tooth

Standard sizes
Ø from 610mm up to 2200mm
Cutting width from 6,0mm up to 12,0mm

Rohre Faircut


• Tube industry
• Steel mill
• Forging industry
• Rail industry

Sample sizes

Additional sizes are available