HAGEcut | product line

The HAGEcut product line is characterized by custom high-tech saw machines used to automatically saw and deburr various profile sections and geometries using various cutting angles.
Upon request, HAGEcut systems can also be designed to take care of the production steps required after saw-cutting, including stamping, brush deburring, and component handling.

HAGEcut | concept

HAGEcut systems are designed to meet the following goal: the perfect clean cut. At HAGE, however, this means more than just saw performance, as the latter is only part of a machine’s overall design.
During the design stage, our design engineers use an integral approach while keeping an eye on the whole process at hand. What does this entail? For starters, making sure that the entire system is easy to use. But also integrating any additional steps required by the production sequence in question, including applying barcodes and integrating stamping and brush units.
Everything we do revolves around your specific saw-cutting needs. This enables us to develop custom-tailored HAGEcut saw machines that not only meet, but also exceed your expectations.

Saw machines

Three processes in one:
sawing + deburring + handling
The HAGEcut DWS 520 is a high-tech saw machine designed for automatically saw-cutting, deburring, and brushing sections with a wide variety of shapes and geometries. In addition, it features an integrated component handling system.

• NC buffer with feeding unit
• Carbide double-angle saw
• HAGE high-performance saw drive system
• Transfer handling system for brush deburring
• NC brush deburring station
• Measuring station
• Buffer

HAGEcut production line for solar frame profiles.
This HAGEcut saw machine for manufacturing solar panel frame sections puts manufacturers ahead with stamping and saw-cutting capabilities for sections with lengths of up to 7,000 mm.

System components: