celox | High Speed Steel circular saw blades

Developed for cutting off tubes, profiles and solid bars wiht high speed rates.

High quality grinding processes and innovative tooth shapes, as well as new PVD-coatings ensures high profitability.

HSS Dmo5 (1.3343) Circular saw blades in high speed steel, suitable for cutting off steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys with a tensile strenght between 350N/mm² and 800N/mm².
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HSS-E Co5% (1.3243) Circular saws in high speed steel (5% cobalt), suitable for cutting off steels and alloys with a tensile strenght above 850 N/mm² as well as stainless steel.
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The High-End-Solution for your tubes
Circular saw blades developed for cutting off stainless and other high-strengh Steels with more than 650N/mm²
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