Die High-End-Solution for your tubes

Circular saw blades developed for cutting off stainless and other high-strengh Steels with more than 650N/mm²

For high-speed rates on fully-automatic saw machines

Cutting data recommendations
Cutting speed (Vc): 100 – 250m/min
Feed rates (Vz): 0,06 – 0,24mm/tooth

Stainless steel
Cutting data recommendations
Cutting speed (Vc): 30 – 100m/min
Feed rates (Vz): 0,04 – 0,09mm/tooth

Application example:

• iron | lady 350x2,5mm Z180 BS
• Saw machine: Rattunde
• Material: 1.4835 (32x1,5mm) as twin cut
• Results: iron | lady; 1900 storkes / others: 800 storkes

Tooth design


(Chip breaker)

Standard sizes: from Ø 225mm x 1,6mm up to Ø 450mm x 2,8mm.
Additional sizes are available.

PVD | Coatings
We supply all standard coatings, such as: TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN.
Specific coatings for extrem cutting parameters are also available.


  • from € 3.400
  • Incl. UNICUT® MMS – 50- Capacity: 5 litres Pressure container
  • Incl. 1 Nozzle head
  • Incl. Level switch & distributor frame
  • Incl. installation